How to Obtain a Domestic Violence Petition (DVP) Restraining Order

Restraining orders are obtained from the 2nd Circuit Court – Plymouth. Located at 26 Green St. Plymouth, NH 03264 during regular business hours with the assistance of a

Plymouth Police officer. The Plymouth Police Department will maintain active restraining orders on file until their expiration which is determined by the respective court. More information regarding domestic violence may be obtained through our Police Department or by contacting the court listed above.


You can contact Voices Against Violence 24 hours a day to speak with a victim advocate.  All communication with an advocate is confidential.  An advocate will be able to assist you in obtaining a Domestic Violence Petition / Restraining Order during normal court business hours, or accompany you to the police department at any time to file a report.

                                   Voices Against Violence 24 hour hotline: 877-221-6176 (27/7)

                                   Voices Against Violence business line (non-emergency): 603-536-5999